The Oceanside Museum of Art became the first art museum in the world to exhibit a collection of American made Commessi


Images from the exhibition and talk

Commesso: Made in America "Gemstone Fine Art" is the first exhibition of the American made fine art of creating commesso di piete dure e tenere held in an art museum. The exhibition ran from March 2 - May 1, 2009. It was held in the museum's Parker Gallery and featured a presentation by Dennis Paul Batt on April 25, 2009 at 2:00 p.m.

"The intricate pictures featured in this exhibition were created from a variety of hard and semi-precious stones chosen for their unique pictorial possibilities. Commesso involves the fitting of stones side by side to create a design as opposed to intarsia which refers to the inlay of material into a base. Since grout is not used in the commesso process, countless hours of intense concentration and skill are required to shape and fit the pieces together. The Oceanside Museum of Art is proud to be the first museum to exhibit the American version of this Italian art form." - Teri Sowell Phd. Curator: OMA

First ever comprehensive exhibition of American Masters of Stone is featured in a new 3D interactive Virtual World

Our first ever museum quality comprehensive exhibition took place in 3D virtual reality on a site called Second Life (SL). (See article listed below.) The interest garnered by this exhibition created a second larger exhibit in a permanent space in virtual reality. To go to see this new exhibit you must log onto Second Life and travel to the 13th floor of the Crossworlds Gallery. There are almost 100 selected pieces from our database featured. This exhibit specifically showcases the commesso di pietre dure e tenere "gemstone paintings."

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