Vic & Gladys Fuller

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   Victor Perry Fuller Sr. was born in 1898 in Leonidas, Michigan. He met Gladys Clark in Bremerton, Washington, where he had come to work in the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard. They were married in 1924 and they shared many accomplishments, including having a family of three children. When they saw the commessi (intarsias) of Meredith Jones and Olive Colhour, they had to emulate their work.
   Victor, though not a mechanic, had loved to work with wood. Gladys had a good concept of color and texture. Together, they shaped and formed two commessi, copying equipment, which Jones had fashioned from salvaged materials. Their son and one daughter now have possession of the resulting two windmills. The other daughter and her husband constructed two commessi of their own.

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   The windmills measure about 24" X 16". The frames and sky are made with petrified wood native to Washington State. With few exceptions, materials were collected by the Fullers.
   Vic and Gladys were members of the Kitsap Mineral & Gem Society. They journeyed as far as Montana to the East and Arizona to the South in their quest for rock and wood. Field trips with fellow club members were always great fun, and supplied many interesting stories and amazing finds. Their commessi are a lasting memento, which descendants can enjoy for years to come.

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