Strallie & Sheryl Edaakie

   Strallie and Sheryl Edaakie are both Zuni Pueblo Indians, who currently reside on the Zuni reservation. They were married in 1985 and have raised three sons.
Strallie and Sheryl have been making Zuni multi-colored inlaid jewelry since 1986 and have developed a true artistic form of their own. Their work range from simple two colored inlaid forms to several different stones inlaid on a single piece. Their work, over the years, has developed into superb color combinations and balanced designs that are unmatched in other forms of inlaid jewelry in today's market.

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   Both having been raised in Zuni, New Mexico, and the largest pueblo of the 19 pueblos located in New Mexico, they learned the perfection of multi-stone inlaid jewelry from their father, Zino Edaakie, who is the brother of the well-known artist Dennis Edaakie. In their earlier years, their father taught them the simple method of using basic stones that were available during those years, but as the years progressed, they started using other various colors of stones that bring out the rainbow color combinations in their jewelry.

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   Both of their work has been in prestigious art shows such as the Heard Museum, Taos Art Show, San Diego Museum of Man Art Show, The Zuni Expo, The Los Angeles Museum of Art Show, and the Santa Fe Indian Market, to name a few.
While Sheryl devotes her fulltime to their art, Strallie, who has a fulltime job with the Zuni Utility Department as a manager, helps her part time with their jewelry.

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