Sol Steinberg

   Sol was born in Zitomer, Ukraine. At the age of four Sol and his family (mother, father, and grandparents) immigrated to Mexico City, Mexico, where they resided for fourteen years awaiting approval to enter the United States. Sol was seventeen years old when Los Angeles, California became home to him and his family. Spanish and Yiddish were the only languages Sol knew when he received a letter from Uncle Sam saying that he was drafted into the United States Army. Quickly, he tried to learn enough English when he was handed a gun and put into the artillery. After serving three years and surviving the invasion of Normandy, he returned home happily in 1946.

   As an apprentice in his father's tailoring shop and leather factory, he became involved in the ladies garment manufacturing business. For a hobby, he became interested in hypnosis. After many years of study, he became certified and licensed in hypnotherapy, which he is still practicing and has many clients. Also, Sol is a body builder and has competed many times over the years and has accumulated lots of trophies.

   His move to Leisure World in 1993 opened up a whole new dimension to Sol's life. Besides starting the Leisure World Body Builders Club, art became a new passion. Enrolling in the slip casting class was his introduction to hands on creativity in the world of arts & crafts. Next came lapidary, stone and clay sculpting, jewelry making, stained glass, and the fine art of making commessi (intarsias). His teachers, family, and friend are very encouraging and impressed as is he, with this latent talent.

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