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   After the Board of Directors announced plans for an intarsia table as a club project in 1985, Phillipe Mutrux submitted the design and with Walter Koniuk supervised the project. Club members were invited to participate in producing the twelve corner pictures designed by Phil. Phil with Tom Colman, Don Harris, and others developed the center panel, which features the club logo. Frank Gemmel produced the chessboards using magnasite and black granite. Walter Koniuk donated and sanded the 64 British Columbia jade tiles. Franz Roth sliced the Magnasite used for the white dividing strips.

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The 12 corner pictures where made by the following:
Mihoko Dietrich - The Dolphins
Nancy Roche - The Butterfly
Rosabelle Gold - The Dragonfly
Louise McGuirk - The Lizzard
Anne Timmins - The Snake
Tom Colman - The Beetle
Millie Este - The Parrot
Alice Roth - The Blue/Gold Fish
Amy Spencer - The Black/White Bird
Peggy Bechtel - The Seagull
Alicemarie Mutrux - The Frog
Jerry Vloeberghs - The Fish

   The subsections provided by the members were first assembled face downward on plate glass within a brass frame manufactured by Walter Koniuk. They were then fixed together with epoxy and wire mesh. Next they were backed with Hydrocal reinforced steel rods, and then they were sealed with a sheet of aluminum. The panels were brought to the clubhouse and ground smooth using the clubs' overhead machine using an 80 grit diamond pad. The panels were then sanded and polished using a hand held grinder equipped with various grades of diamond pads. (Thanks to the help from former member Casaveccio).

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   A permanent wrought iron base and wood top was designed by Phil and approved by the board of directors. Norman Stone fabricated the wood using oak, and Mexico City Ironworks produced the iron base. The table was completed and exhibited in 1993 at the Club's Annual Show.

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   The table is 93.5" long, 31.5" wide, and 29" high. It took eight years from the initial drawings to its completion. Over one year alone was required for the sanding and polishing stage.

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