Rocky McCall

   Roscoe McCall, known as Rocky to his friends, is a Northwest native. His family came to Washington when it was still a territory. He has spent most of his life collecting and working with rocks. He especially likes working with materials from the northwest. His skill, level of artistry, and love of nature can be seen in every aspect of his work.
   Rocky enjoys sharing his knowledge with others and has taught classes and held demonstrations for many of the surrounding area Rock and Gem Clubs. He is currently teaching classes at the Stillaguamish Senior Center. These classes are planned to run through the fall, winter and spring of the year.
   Rocky has been listed in The Lapidary Journal and nominated for the Lapidary Hall of Fame. He has published a book on Intarsia called Intarsia, Or How To Put It All Together. He has served as President of the Northwest Federation of Mineralogical Society and also on the Board of Directors of the American Federation of Mineralogical Society, and at this time is Vice President of the American Federation

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   His work has won him the Sweepstakes and Masters Awards from the Northwest Federation of Mineralogical Societies in 1993 and again in 1998. In 1999 he received the American Masters Award from the American Federation and Mineralogical Society in Nashville Tennessee, and was then invited to display in New Carrollton at the 50th anniversary of the Smithsonian. At which time he was awarded the first place American Masters Trophy for Jewelry Intarsia. In 2000 the American Federation asks him to write judging rules for Intarsia Jewelry. These were accepted in Arlington Texas in 2001 and went into the rule book in 2002. In January 2005 he received International recognition in the ROCK & GEM Magazine. For 2006 - 2007 he held office as Vice President of the American Federation of Mineralogical Society. At present he is judging register for the N.W. and on the American rules and awards committee.
   His goal is to demonstrate, teach, and show his work. He hopes to encourage others to revive the art of Intarsia.

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