Robin Davies

   Robin was born in Patterson, New Jersey on March 1, 1950. Her family traveled west in 1953 and settled in West Los Angeles, where she grow up. She meet her husband Doug at a high school football game when she was 15 and they have been together ever since. After high school, Robin attended LA County USC Med Center school of Nursing, graduating in 1971 as a Registered Nurse. She married Doug in 1970 and they have two wonderful children. In 1975 they moved to the new community of Mission Viejo in South Orange County. She worked at Saddleback Community Hospital for 30 years, the last 15 in the field of Hospice. She retired in 2005.

   After retiring from nursing, Robin looked for something new and interesting to do with her time. She discovered the emeritus program through Saddleback Community College where she met Connie Grundke and was introduced to the beauty of rocks. "How wonderful and exciting it is to discover the beauty created by nature. Though I have always loved stones, I never imagined the beauty they held inside their rough outer crust."

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