Rick Olmsted

   Born in 1955, Rick grew up in Minnesota. As a child he searched for rocks and arrowheads while spending weekends on his uncle's farm. At the age of seven he began woodworking; inlaying, making chess sets, and laminated lathed bowls. In High School, Rick turned to machining and went on to college, where he received a degree in industrial engineering as well as his teaching credentials. In college he worked with his father, a professional photographer, who was a major influence in his sense of design.

   He taught industrial arts at the local high school for three years before moving to Boulder, Colorado in 1981. He then began his primary occupation as that of quality-control specialist for a spray-paint equipment manufacturer in Longmont. He also moonlights as a machinist, which helps him acquire the many machine tools necessary and the love of precision for his beautiful intarsias.
   It was a Carnegie Museum lecture on Florentine Mosaics that fueled his inspiration to create intarsias, which led to his many wins in Master Class competitions.

. . . . . . . .

   Rick, one of the youngest artists in this field, is devoting much of his boundless energy into creating not only intarsias, but also the machinery needed to improve the process. Rick describes this process as "All the parts combine into a whole and it comes together like a symphony".

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