Raymond E. Meinzer

   Raymond Meinzer was born on November 3, 1893. He graduated from Rio Grande County High School in Monte Vista, Colorado in 1912. Ray married Gladys Krause in 920. He worked as an agriculture tractor salesman and cut and sold ice for refrigeration. His wife Gladys died in 1926.
   He spent time in New Orleans learning the breeding and raising of chinchillas. He pursued this line of work upon his return to Monte Vista.
   Around 1930 he started a produce trucking business that transported fresh produce between Phoenix, Arizona and Monte Vista Colorado.

   Raymond had a long time interest in prospecting and mining and staked numerous mineral claims in the mountains of Colorado. In the late 1940's he began a business in the lapidary field. With his knowledge of the mountains he found many deposits of semi-precious stones, which he cut and polished into jewelry. He also made many of his own silver settings for the stone he made. His primary business eventually became one of making turquoise and fire opal jewelry, which he sold mainly in Albuquerque, New Mexico and Denver, Colorado.
   Ray died on July 24, 1966, in Monte Vista, Colorado.

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