Phillip Sekaquaptewa

   Phillip is a 1973 graduate of Northern Arizona University with a bachelor of Fine Arts degree and a masters degree from the University of Arizona, 1974. He gained interest in the field of jewelry from his father and from his uncle Emory Sekaquaptewa, who co-founded the Hopi Gallery on the Third Mesa, Arizona.

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   Phil has won awards for his unique silver designs at the most prestigious American Indian Art competitions in the U.S., including Red Earth, Oklahoma City, Santa Fe Indian Market, Sante Fe, NM, The Hopi Show, Museum of Northern Arizona, Flagstaff, AZ, Heard Museum Indian Fair, Phoenix, AZ, Indian Ceremonial, Gallup, NM, and many others.

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   His work has also been published and featured in Southwest Art, American Indian Art, Native Peoples Magazine, Beyond Tradition, by Jerry Jacka, Art of the Hopi, by Jerry Jacka, Magazine of the Southwest, and several times in Arizona Highways Magazine.
   Phillip uses a unique combination of traditional overlay, design, texture, and color through the use of stones, silver, and contemporary style of Hopi jewelry.

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   He currently resides at the village of Sipaulovi on Second Mesa in Northern Arizona and works at his Weseoma Studio. He lives with his daughter Caroline, son Wayne, and two dogs Drexler and Bambi. He enjoys attending his children's sporting events, golf, and fly-fishing. He is a member of the eagle and snake clans and is very active in Hopi ceremonies and tradition.

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