Pauline Fansher

   Pauline Fansher, born on December 11, 1910, has always had an interest and inclination toward the artistic. This, combined with an attraction to the beauty of nature, made the art of the commesso (intarsia) a perfect outlet for her artistic talent. Pauline first worked with stones when she took an adult education class taught by Russ Hind in Laguna Hills, California.

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   When Pauline and her husband Bill moved to San Ramon in the late 1970's, they joined the Mineral & Gem Society of Castro Valley. Pauline works in the club's shop, and exhibits in their annual show.

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   Pauline works on her pictures in her home workshop. Her pictures, which are unique for depth and perspective, are not for sale, but are created for her pleasure and the enjoyment of her family. She considers looking for the perfect rock to create, "Just the right color and pattern," to be part of the fun of her craft. Pauline passed away on January 21, 2000.

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