Nancy Roche

   Nancy was born on April 3, 1920 in Oakland, California. She grew up in a Victorian house in Alameda County and graduated from Alameda High School. After a year at UC Berkeley, she went to work at the Naval Supply Office in San Francisco. There she met her husband, who was in the Navy, and they married in 1944. They lived in Los Gatos for three years during the war. After the war they moved to San Francisco.

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   Seventeen years later she worked as a sales manager for Arthur Court Designs. In 1952 she joined the San Francisco Gem & Mineral Society. She was one of the earliest members. She worked with Victor Reis, hammering steel and copper ashtrays, and also began to fabricate jewelry, both metal and stone work. She made her first commesso (intarsia), an Egyptian Cat, in 1987 and continues creating beautiful artwork to this day.

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