Meredith Jones

   Meredith Jones was born on February 15, 1911. He spent 30 years working in the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard. In 1953 he joined the Kitsap Mineral & Gem Society. He was an avid rockhound and the master of several lapidary techniques, producing unique three- dimensional stone constructions, jewelry, silverwork, tables, spheres, carvings, gavels, bookends, wheelbarrows, butterflies, etc. From 1954-1963, he was the Society's president.

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   After seeing Charles Smart's duck intarsias (commessi), he began to make his own stone pictures. He built most of his own machinery out of Navy surplus, sanders from a bowling alley, a huge flat lap, etc. He provided home instruction to an enthusiastic group of students. They produced the largest commessi made in America noted for their petrified wood frames. 

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   He stopped making these pictures in 1969 but continued to produce unique artwork including several "sea" sculptures like a 78' Sea Serpent out of driftwood. He received a Presidential Citation from Lyndon Johnson for his work.

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