Martin Falk

   Martin was born in Vienna, Austria in 1921. After he was graduated from high school, in 1939, he moved to New York City. He enlisted in the Army and served in both Africa and Italy during World War II. After the war he returned to New York, studied under the GI Bill, and began a career in pattern making and designing for the clothing industry. In 1947 he got married and had one son. He worked until he retired in 1984.

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   He moved to Leisure World in California right after retirement. There he continued his life long passion of working with his hands. He studied jewelry making and enameling. He also painted in watercolors, a skill he studied while in school and further developed over his lifetime.
   In 1996 he began lapidary work under the tutelage of Conrad Grundke. He made his first commesso (intarsia) in 2000.

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