Lloyd Adams

   Lloyd was born on February 2, 1920 in Ganado, Texas. He worked as a rice farmer and raised cattle. He loved the outdoors and spent as much time hunting and fishing as he could. When he was 52, he suffered a heart attack and had to give up farming and his active hobbies.
His brother then found an unusual rock and Lloyd took it to a rock-hound friend. "He cut off a little piece of that rock and made a piece of jewelry from it, and I decided I wanted a piece of that."

. . . . . . .

   Over the years, Lloyd has created scores of rock designs that adorn the walls and fill the display cases of his Angleton, Texas home. He never sells his work and he doesn't accept orders, though occasionally he gives away pieces of his artwork to friends. He creates not only commessos (intarsias), but also sculpture and has made several unique novelty pieces. His talent for lapidary art was as much a surprise to him as those who knew him. He said "I've had people tell me they never thought an old hard-headed fellow like me could come up with something that pretty". When he started, he bought a saw and a machine to grind and polish the rocks. Gradually he has acquired more sophisticated machinery, and his appreciation for the natural beauty of rock has grown. "Before I started this, I always thought rocks were pretty, but my favorite rock was any one that would fit in a slingshot".

. . . . . . .

   Now he finds it difficult to name a favorite stone, since he likes them all, and because he believes no rock is too common to be appreciated. "Each one of these is unique," he says, rolling a pebble in his palm. "There's only one exactly like this in the entire world, and there won't ever be another exactly like it…. When you open one of these up, you're the first person in a million years to see it".


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