Leonard Perkins

   Leonard was born in Celina, Ohio on October 2, 1915. He was graduated from High School in 1933 and went on to spend three years at Bowling Green State University. His first job was, "sittin' on an old dead cow cleaning out intestines for 35 cents an hour". He soon began to work for the government in finance and economics. In 1943, he moved to Hanford, Washington. There he continued working for the Department of Energy for 41 years. For 25 years he was the Director of Construction Contracts. 

   In 1947 he married Bernadine Christianson. They raised six children. For years he spent his vacation time with his family hunting for petrified wood and other rocks and minerals in the Richland, Washington area and other Northwest locations. He retired from full time work in 1972.  

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   In 1980 he fully retired and moved to a cabin in "The Blue Mountains of Oregon", where he still lives. There he began lapidary, working with the enormous amount of material he had gathered.

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   He was interested in the Italian pietre dure, and tried his hand at that fine art. He is entirely self-taught and made much of his own equipment. He also made jewelry for his grandchildren and wrote poetry. He wrote to the Lapidary Journal and had an article, published in 1988, describing how he made his pictures of stone. He also exhibits his work three or four times a year in the Washington, Oregon area.

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