Kandi D. Uffer

   Kandi was born in Price, Utah on July 4, 1954. She grew up in Hiawatha, a coal town where her father worked in the King Coal Mine for 33 years. Upon graduation from high School she moved to Tucson, AZ where she met her husband, Mike, who was in the Air Force at Davis Monthon AFB.
   The two were married in Torrejon de Ardoz, Spain outside of Madrid where Uncle Sam sent them for two years. Then they were transferred to Ramstein AFB, Germany, Offutt AFB Nebraska, Incirlik AFB, Turkey and finally to Cannon AFB, New Mexico to complete Mike's 22 years of active duty service.

   While living abroad Kandi worked in the Base Exchanges until their daughter, Michelle, was born and then she became a stay-at-home-mom. Upon moving to California, she worked in a UPS Store for 12 years.

   "I've always loved rocks, the formation of them, the colors, etc., but never knew what to do with them until I started taking classes from Connie Grundke in Laguna Woods, CA through the Saddleback Community College Emeritus program. He has shown and taught me truly astounding things to do with rocks. I remember when he told the new Intarsia students to bring in a picture of something they would like to make out of stone and I brought in a picture of my grandparent's old log house. Well, Connie kind of slumped and probably thought it would never be done. It took over two years but I finally accomplished it with a lot of, not only his help, but that of the shop supervisors and fellow students."

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