June & Bob Smith

   Bob and June (Fuller) Smith were born in Bremerton, Washington, and married there in 1950. When June's parents were hesitant to visit the local rock club on their own, Bob and June took them to the next meeting of the Kitsap Mineral and Gem Society, and they too became addicted to rock collecting. Bob served as president, following soon after Meredith Jones. Field trips and rock shows became a way of life.
   The Smiths not only took their son. Martin, on field trips, but included June's sister's three children as well. Soon, with their fast-growing collection of rock and wood, they decided to make a commesso (intarsia).

   The Church was fashioned with 316 pieces, including chrysocolla, jasper, petrified bogwood, and rhodonite. The foothills were made with material from Wind River in Wyoming. The frame, church, and sky were made from Washington State petrified woods. It measures 24" X 16".

   Their second effort was The Moose. It contains 250 pieces and measures 26" X 20". The moose is a nodule from Adna, WA and the horns are Bruno jasper. The foreground is orbicular rhyolite. The frame was cut with the use of a 24" saw, and polished with a belt sander made from a bowling alley return. This sander and a vibrating-lap sander were copies of Jones', very suitable and workable pieces of affordable equipment.

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