Jim Kemme

   Much of Jim Kemme's inspiration is drawn from his environment. His contemporary home, largely of glass, is cradled in six acres of wooded bluffs overlooking the Kaw River.

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   Jim shares his home with his wife, a nurse involved in the holistic healing arts, and their two sons. One son displays exceptional artistic promise, and the other is an aspiring writer. Also in residence are two dogs, two cats, five turtles, and the various temporary "creature" refugees reflecting Jim's dual childhood ambition to become a veterinarian or an artist. The latter won out and he entered the University of Kansas to gain a Commercial Art degree. His talent and artistic stretch from watercolor, oil, pastels, and sculpture to product design, established him as a successful award winning artist. In 1986, he left his commercial art career to become a freelance artist so that he could devote more time to the development and expansion of his "fine art" talents - predominately intarsia. His first commesso (intarsia) was completed in 1981 under the tutorship of Walt Heinz, his father-in-law and master stone worker for over thirty years.

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   As in the beginning of its history, the making of commessi has once again come full cycle. Jim Kemme has taken the technical knowledge of a master stone worker and opened it to the potentiality of the new expressions in fine art. His work includes landscapes, wildlife scenes and abstracts.

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