Jerry Heiner

   Born near Grand Junction, Colorado, Jerry spent his early years working with his father on the family farm. Then just as he was about to start high school, his father was killed in an accident. To help his mother and the rest of his family, he dropped out of school and never went back. He worked on farms, became a mechanic, and also did some construction work. Then he moved to the Northwest and for 37 years, ran a logging operation.

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   After Jerry retired, he and his wife, Roberta, moved to Durango, Colorado. Then after visiting their daughter in Blanding, Utah, they sold their house and moved there. During the winter with nothing to do and, like others who have worked hard all their lives, he found it difficult to sit still. After seeing a picture his sister, an accomplished oil painter, made of crushed rock, Jerry got inspired. His sister laughed at the idea that Jerry, who spent most of his lifetime cutting down giant trees and hauling them to a sawmill, could do anything artistic. Telling Jerry that he can't do something is like waving a red cape in front of a bull. Jerry went right to work and in a few short years, created several hundred crushed stone pictures.

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