Dr. Jerome Radding

   Jerome was born in Portland, Oregon on May 18, 1921. He was graduated from Reed College in Portland and later from the University of Oregon Medical School in 1944. During medical school, he was in the ROTC program and enlisted in the army as a PFC. After he graduated as a 2nd Lieutenant, he was called to active duty and served from June 1945 - June 1947 in the Army Medical Corp. He ended up as a Captain.
   He spent one year as a resident in Pathology for the Vanderbuilt University Hospital in Nashville, Tennessee, two years as a resident in Internal Medicine at the Veteran's Hospital in Portland, and in July, 1950 he went to work at the VA hospital in Fresno, California.
   On March 6, 1949, he married Marian Cohen and they raised 5 children. He began his private practice in Internal Medicine and Cardiology in April 1955.

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   After retirement on July 1, 1987, he moved to Leisure World and spent a year living there and in Fresno until July 7, 1988 when he moved to Leisure World full time. In 1992 he studied lapidary under Russ Hind and then Connie Grundke, and created his commessi (intarsias). He also studied jewelry, enameling, and photography. He continued to work as a consultant to Administrative Law Judges and as an Impartial Medical Expert on Social Security medical records until 1998.

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