Janet Deyden

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   Janet was born in Winthrop, Massachusetts on April 4, 1921. She grew up in Natick, Mass., an old Native American town. She was always interested in art of any type and edited her High School "Sassamon". She attended the School of Modern Art in Boston, where she studied color, design, and clothing construction.

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   After she moved to California, she studied oil painting, silver fabrication, and enameling at Orange County Community College. She also took several academic courses at O.C.C. and worked there for ten years.
In 1976 she joined the Orange County Mineral & Lapidary Society, becoming an avid rockhound, and spending many trips with the group out in the desert searching for cutting material.

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   She has attended the lapidary and intarsia classes at Leisure World for over ten years. She was first taught by Russ Hind and currently is being taught by Connie Grundke, both excellent teachers. They inspired her to construct six commessi (intarsias) and thus far she has no desire to stop.

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