Jack Carlson

   John (Jack) of Scandinavian descent was born in Nebraska on August 2, 1922. His parents worked as ranchers and farmers. During the Depression and the midwestern drought, they moved to California for a better life. They spent their first summer in Dutch Flats where they made a living panning for gold until his father found work at the GMC plant in San Leandro. They moved to Hayward, into a home his parents built. Jack attended school in Hayward, made many friends, entered the Navy during World War II, and returned home to work with his dad as a carpenter.  

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   Jack met Louise Dialot during a WWII blackout before his enlistment into the war. Upon Jack's return from the Navy, they married on May 11, 1947. They had a son, Stephen and a daughter Janine.
   He was a member of the Castro Valley Mineral & Gem Society. He did beautiful work creating jewelry and commessi (intarsias) out of rock. He lived for Wednesdays to work on new projects and share bad jokes with his friends.  

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   After a day at the beach with Louise and Janine on November 2, 1997, they were struck head on by a medicated driver who fell asleep at the wheel. Jack and Louise were killed, but Jack's quick response saved Janine's life. On the road from the hospital to the home of a supporting family Janine saw a rainbow… a sign that her parents were saying goodbye.

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