Jack Dean Breckenridge

   Dr. Jack D. Breckenridge, born in 1920, is a retired Centralia, Washington dentist of 42 years, found much of his free time devoted to his favorite hobbies: acrylic Painting, pen and ink drawings, wood craving, and working with petrified wood and stones. A self-taught artist, his skill with composition and a naturalist's eye for authentic wildlife detail, has made his work much in demand. His art pieces are throughout the U.S., Canada, New Zealand, and Australia. In 1988 a friend gave him a computer, (which he didn't want) and he wrote and published his first book, "Pumpkins Are Orange" in one year. He later published his second book "Surgeon Fishin'."

   The two petrified wood pieces are true works of beauty. The table is four feet in circumference, of 225 pieces; the rock coming from the Gingko Petrified Forest (before it became illegal to remove rock) and took about a year to complete. The mallard picture is 2 ft. by 4 ft., of 1800 pieces and made of semiprecious stones as well as petrified wood and took about two years to complete. Jack made it from a picture on a Weyerhaeuser calendar, and it was displayed at the Worlds Fair in 1962 in Seattle.

   Jack turned 87 in 2007 and is now blind, so he is no longer able to create new work, however his memories of carving, painting, and writing are most precious.

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