Howard & Dorothea Freeman

   Howard was a High School Mathematics teacher as well as an advanced teacher at Drexel University. In the lapidary arts, he enjoyed imparting his knowledge to others. He was a skilled craftsman who had a passion for excellence, and it showed in his work, which won national honors. He also made the most of the machinery, which he used in making his beautiful work in commesso (intarsia), as well as faceting and cabbing. One commesso he made, without a frame, was difficult to execute because of the curved lines, which had to fit. The whole piece consisted of curved lines, except the perimeter.

. . . . . . .

   Howard was so respected by the club members for his dedication to the Tuscarora Lapidary Society, that they named their Skill Center in his honor after his death.
Dorothea, Howard's wife, was also interested in lapidary, as well as jewelry making. She had been a physical education and health instructor. Dorothea was elected to the Temple Athletic Hall of Fame and was a national hockey and basketball official for a number of years. She made commessi including the intarsiate cover of a gemstone box that her husband Howard had crafted.

   Dorothea and Howard were qualified to be national judges in lapidary arts for the Southeastern Federation. They were also instructors for many years at Wildacres, an Eastern Federation workshop in North Carolina.

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