Harvey & Howard Kenfield

   The Kenfield brothers were born on March 6, 1928 in Albion, Nebraska. In 1932 they moved with their family to Keith County, Brule area. They graduated from Brule High School in 1946. They then moved to Ogallala and started work at Goodall Electric Mfg. Co. In 1950, both brothers were drafted into the army and attended basic training at Ft. Riley, Kansas. In 1951, they served together with the 24th Infantry Division in Korea. They received Honorable Discharges in 1952 and returned to work for Goodall Electric.

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   In 1953, they began their rock hobby by collecting Native American artifacts. This led in 1954 to the cutting and polishing of rocks. They spent many years devoted to the grinding and polishing of rock, attended many Gem & Mineral Shows and spent many vacations hunting for petrified wood in Western Wyoming with friends George & Edith Steudler. On October 12, 1974, Harvey married Glenda Ross and on March 8, 1975, Howard married Glenva Keith. In 1976, they purchased one acre of land south of Ogallala and built their present homes and the Petrified Wood Gallery.

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   On March 31, 1980, Harvey and Howard retired from their jobs, which they held for 42 years. They opened their gallery to the public, daily from May through September. In the year 2000, they opened a brand new Petrified Wood Gallery.

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