Glenn W. Lehrer

   "Glenn Lehrer, G.G. is internationally recognized as one of the finest gemstone carvers of our time. A graduate gemologist, he has won numerous awards for his jewelry and gemstone designs. His award winning gemstones and jewelry designs have appeared on the cover of ten major publications, and many articles describing his craftsmanship have been published. In May his work appeared on the cover of two magazines, Basel magazine and Lapidary Journal, and Glenn was also featured in an article on 'American Gem Cutters,' in Departure magazine.
   Perhaps, Glenn Lehrer's greatest talent is in being able to transform a rare solid stone into a piece of art that miraculously transcends its own physical properties. Under Glenn's hands, gemstones become green leaves newly formed or butterfly wings that see, to flutter when glimpsed out of the corner of your eye. Glenn prefers to draw on the archetypal world for inspiration as displayed in a myriad of other subjects that are at once animated and frozen in time.
   Lehrer's twenty-five year career with gemstone carving and jewelry designing began when he returned from traveling around the world in his twenty's. His own fascination with a gift of cut quartz from his brother gave him his first inkling that he would pursue a career in the lapidary arts. A self taught lapidariest and goldsmith, he went back to school to study gemology, geology, mineralogy, higher math, and crystallography and found that the math's and sciences that hadn't made any sense to him before were now perfectly clear.

   In addition to the delicate carvings of his exquisite jewelry, Lehrer has carved large-scale crystals weighing from 10 to 800 lbs., such as Bahia, a collaborative work with Lawrence Stoller, now on display at the G.I.A. in Carlsbad, CA. Another example of Lehrer-Stoller sculpture is on display in the window of the Los Angeles Museum of Natural History, 'The Empress of Lemuria,' an almost 2 foot nearly flawless quartz crystal, was originally on display in the former Soviet Union as part of a citizen diplomacy project in 1988.
   From agate to sapphire, Mr. Lehrer's gem designs are constantly challenging and expanding new horizons in the jewelry industry."
   Glenn has his own website:

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