Glenn Buchanan

   Glenn A. Buchanan was born in Holly, Washington on May 23, 1912, the oldest of three children. Glenn attended a one room school at Holly built just north of their place. One teacher taught all eight grades. In 1923, a new school was built a half of a mile down the road from the old one. In those days, of course, kerosene was the only light. Electricity didn't arrive in Holly until the early '40's. About 1921, Glenn's dad bought 40 acres in Anderson Creek Valley, a mile up from the bay at Holly. There was no road until they built a rough one into the place after the house was built. Some time later, the county built a road in from Crosby, another small community, and it ran down towards the water about a quarter mile north of the bay. It crossed Anderson's Creek, coming close to the propertie's borderline. The family got their first car in 1918, a Willy's overland touring car.

   Glenn graduated from the 9th grade in 1928. In the fall of 1928, Union High School started a bus route to transport kids to school. Glenn drove the school bus for three years and graduated in 1931. In 1932, Glenn joined the C.C.C.'s. Boot Camp was at Fort Casey on Whidley Island. Because cedar was in plentiful supply, a recreational hall and a barbershop were built totally from cedar for the 300 men who worked the C.C.C.'s. It was strictly a logging and beach cleaning operation.
He met Aileen Keller at a New Year's dance, and they married in 1934 in their Rec. Hall before 300 men. At his Captain's request, the only women who attended were their two moms and of course his future wife. At that time, the only way you could get out of the C.C.C.'s was to get a job, which Glenn did. It was for a logging company at Port Blakley.

   His son Leroy was born in Port Ludlow, and six years later his daughter Gloria was born in Olympia on June 6, 1940. They lived in Olympia where Gloria was a teacher; then they moved to Bremerton. It was there in the '60's to late '70's that Glenn and Aileen got into lapidary work. They were members of the Kitsap Gem & Mineral Club, where under the tutelage of Meredith Jones they made the two magnificent commessi (intarsias), a Viking Ship and a Deer. They also made many different types of jewelry, bugs, butterflies, and beehives on stumps. These items didn't survive a move from Eastern Washington. But Leroy owns the Deer and Gloria has the Viking Ship. At 81, Glenn passed away after a long illness in September of '92. Aileen followed him in June of '95.

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