Geordie Shaw

   Geordie Shaw was born in Chicago but spent her childhood years in both New Mexico and California, where she now lives. She was always interested in the outdoors whether it involved plants, animals or geology. Geordie is a graduate of UC Davis and has worked in a wide variety of jobs and started teaching in elementary school when her son entered kindergarten. She now works at a land reserve where she teaches about the local wildlife. Her hobbies are hiking, traveling, reading, gardening, and rockhounding. Ten years ago Geordie got involved in Lapidary and Intarsia through the Saddleback College emeritus classes taught by Connie Grundke. She enjoys tumbling stones, making cabochons and jewelry and has completed her first Intarsia called, "California Desert Tortoise". The stones used in it are agate, jasper, basalt, turitella, and serpentine.


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