Clyde Greene

   Clyde Greene was born in Madison, Maine on February 15, 1921. After he graduated from Madison High School he worked as a lumberman in the woods for about a year without chainsaws. He next worked for two years as a guide and took Ted Williams and Babe Ruth fishing. He then worked in a shoe shop for about a year, then a couple more years in a shipyard.
   He was drafted into the Navy and spent WWII in the Pacific. He ended up his Navy career as a Quartermaster Navigator. He served with 1st Vice Admiral John McCain (Senator McCain's dad). He went back to work in the shoe shop for 15 more years. After the war he started prospecting in Maine for gold and minerals. He then went to work for Anaconda Copper & Nickel for about three years.

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   Clyde got married to Constance in 1941 and they had two daughters. He divorced three years later and didn't remarry until 1977 when he married Louise Berchiolli.
In 1967 he moved to Orange County California and started work at the San Pedro Shipyard for a year. He then started his own Picture Framing business and worked at it for 25 years. He retired and sold the business in 1993.

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   Clyde at started lapidary and tumbling when he lived in Maine after a long winter. He enrolled in the emeritus classes in silver fabricating and lapidary at Leisure World in 1998 and made his first intarsia in 2001.

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