Clarise Illes

   Clarise was born on January 13, 1913 in Manhattan, New York to Dr. Max (Heimlich) Hazay and Ethel Zacharias of Savannah, Georgia. They met at the old Café Royale on 10th St. and 2nd Ave. in New York City when her mother was visiting her sister in New York. She was educated at schools all on one street, Hunter Model Elementary School, Julia Richman High School, and Hunter College. She lived there until she got married. After her son was born, she moved to Teaneck, New Jersey.

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   She was chief of the serology section of the VA hospital where she worked until she took an early retirement in 1975. Her husband was anxious to come to California and so they moved to San Diego.

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   They moved to Leisure World in 1982. Clarise, who had never heard of lapidary art before she took a class under Russ Hind, dove right in, completing five commessi (intarsias) and is currently working on a sixth.

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