Charlotte Burk

   Charlotte was born in Minnesota on June 19, 1929. She enjoyed picking up "pretty rocks" along the lakeshore where she lived. She was graduated from Iowa State University with a major in Landscape Architecture and married John Burk, an engineer.

   They moved to California in 1953, where she pursued her interest in rocks by taking Adult Education classes at Leisure World in the late 1960's under the tutelage of Russ Hind. At that time, Cecil McConnell was making commessi (intarsias) while she was the youngster in the class. Most of her time, however, went to raising her two sons. Later in the early 1980's she resumed her classes, still being taught by Russ Hind. She started her commesso under him but completed it under the instruction of Connie Grundke who took over Russ's class.

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