Anne Timmins

   Anne was born in Tenby, Wales on November 7, 1941. She went to the Overstone Boarding School in North Hampton, and then graduated from Princess Christian Nanny Training College in 1958. In 1952, her grandfather was appointed "Keeper of the Crown Jewels", and was given a residence in the Tower of London over the Traitors Gate. Anne and her sister would visit and get to stay with him. When on occasion their visits coincided with the cleaning of the jewels, they would get to hold the "Cullinan Diamond" (the world's largest at 512 carats).

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   Anne worked as a Nanny in London for a couple of years, and then in 1963 moved to Palo Alto, California. The following year her sister came over and moved to Berkeley.

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   In 1965 while visiting the Gems Galore Rock Shop in Palo Alto, Anne found a "Lapidary Journal", and discovered the Fine Art of Lapidary. She then enrolled in a lapidary class at the San Francisco Adult School. She recalls that the field trips and outdoor camping were especially enjoyable. In the mid 70's she joined the San Francisco Gem & Mineral Society and completed her first commesso (intarsia) in 1975. In 1998 she had an article on the making of gemstone boxes published in the "Lapidary Journal". Anne continues to create fine art, expressing herself with gem sculpture, boxes, and exquisite translucent commessi.

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