Alicemarie Mutrux

   "My husband, Phil Mutrux and I discovered the thrill of transforming rocks into polished gemstones in the 70's at a community college lapidary class taught by Jack Roecks. His rock hunting trips included beautiful sites in California, Nevada, and beyond where we found jade, agates, opals, obsidian, etc. His campfires, good spirit, and tireless instruction in geology and gemstones are unforgettable. We joined the San Francisco Gem and Mineral Society in 1976 and discovered Tom Colman's class in intarsia where a core of very committed intarsia artists discussed their projects and exchanged ideas before beginning to work. My intarsias were all done with this group during the late 70's and 80's. The class continues under the direction of Amy Spencer and is still turning out wonderful new intarsias.

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   I'm now making gemstone earrings for Pat Henderson Inc. and Saks Fifth Ave., and painting. As a painter, I now realize that the biggest mistake in my intarsias was the habit of selecting stones for their appealing color or pattern, and paying little attention to their light and dark values - i.e.: a white rabbit against a black background is clearly visible, a gray rabbit against a gray background is not. Most of the stones intarsia artists use fall into the middle gray value range, and special care is needed to search for the strong contrasting light of dark stone to bring out the subject of the intarsia".

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